College Leadership

Leadership Team

Mrs Angela Myles - Principal

Ms Pam Radcliffe - Head of Primary

Mrs Mandy Sullivan - Head of Secondary

Mr John Dalton - Assistant to the Principal Administration

Mr Martin Perrett - Assistant to the Principal Religious Education

Miss Kym Schultz - Business Manager

Pastoral Team

Mr Ian Hall - Wellbeing Middle Leader

Mrs Bronwyn Langford Martoo - Wellbeing Middle Leader

Miss Philippa Gueorgieff - Wellbeing Middle Leader

Mr Graham Turnbull - Guidance Counsellor

Miss Niketa Law - Indigenous Support and Community Liaison

Miss Megan Schick - Campus Minister

Leaders of Teaching, Learning and Co-curricular areas

Mrs Ann-Louise Henrick - Primary Learning Leader

Ms Louise Kennedy - P-12 Leader of Pedagogy and Inclusive Education

Mrs Camilla Meyers - Secondary English/Humanities/LOTE Curriculum Leader

Mr Julian Connelly - Secondary Maths/Science/HPE Curriculum Leader

Ms Susan Mahoney - Secondary Tech/E-Learning/Business Curriculum Leader

Miss Jessica Cunningham - Secondary Music/Drama/Dance/ Visual Art Curriculum Leader

Mrs Jane Iszlaub - P-12 Program Leader of the Arts and Culture

Mr Martin Perrett - Primary and Secondary Sports Program Leader

Mrs Shirley Kerkow - Vocational Education and Training