Use Of Computer Facilities

Saint Mary's Catholic College provides wireless computer facilities, owned and operated by Saint Mary's Catholic College and Brisbane Catholic Education and subject to State and Commonwealth laws.
Access to these services and facilities is intended to facilitate increased learning opportunities for school personnel within the framework of the purpose and mission of the Catholic school through the provision of information and enhanced opportunities for communication and collaboration.​

School Computer and Laptop Rules

  • Computers and accessories must be used with care
  • Computers may only be turned on or used with teacher permission
  • Leave things how you find them. (This includes computer settings and furniture)
  • Students must keep food and drinks out of the computer rooms 
  • Take care with electrical cables and power points
  • Do not remove computers and Internet should only be used for specific educational reasons
  • Students must have signed the Acceptable Use Policy using the computers or Internet facilities
  • If you need help, ask for assistance
  • Students may have their computer privileges withdrawn for non compliance with the above practices
  • YouTube is only accessible via permission from the supervising teacher