Vocational Education and Training

What is VET?

VET refers to Vocational Education and Training. VET focuses on offering students optional pathways through their senior schooling while gaining credits towards their QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education).

VET students gain knowledge and experience hands on skills training which are directly applied in an adult work environment to enhance their learning. Saint Mary's is a Registered Training Organisation and currently offers Certificate II in Engineering Pathways for students in Years 11 and 12. These qualifications are nationally recognized and develop skills for employment.

Students have the opportunity to access school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBAT). In SBAT, Students use a portion of their school time to work with an employer, as a paid employee, while still completing their senior certificate and gaining a training qualification with an external Registered Training Organisation.

Benefits of VET


  • develop employability skills;
  • Students demonstrate hands on work skills that improve confidence and capabilities and builds a foundation for students to explore potential employment pathways post Year 12.
  • Develop and improve communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills; In a supported environment, build confidence, communicating with peers and adults.
  • Attainment of QCE; Each completed Certificate II contributes 4 credit towards a QCE. Other VET pathways can also provide credits towards QCE.
  • Experience practical work through work placement; Develop emotional intelligence and an appreciation of different viewpoints in team environments.
  • Earning while learning; Supports students transition from school to employment, vocational and higher educational pathways. 
2021 SMCC VET Student Handbook


Our Sister Dolores Caroll Trade Training Centre was developed as part of a Federal Government initiative for a South Burnett cluster of schools (including Kingaroy, Murgon and Nanango State High Schools).

The Sister Dolores Carroll Trade Training Centre was named in honour of Saint Mary's first secondary Principal who fought a hard battle in the early years to have Trade Training offered as part of the curriculum.


The Sister Dolores Carroll Trade Training Centre is a state-of-the-art technology education facility. Its woodwork and metal workshops are both equipped with modern, up to date equipment that meets current Workplace Health and Safety requirements.

This modern equipment helps students prepare for work in current and emerging industries. Graphics and design elements are incorporated into the training programme to enable students to take their ideas from conception through design and the manufacture process then on the testing and evaluation stage.

Traditional skills are also catered for at the Sister Dolores Carroll Trade Training Centre. Our Year 11 students manufacture and design construction projects as well as projects chosen by the students to demonstrate their metal fabrication and welding skills.

Students from Years 7 to 10 develop their skills working on a variety of projects. They progress from basic hand skills through to more advanced levels. This culminates with Year 11 and 12 students being able to undertake a Certificate I Construction and/or a Certificate II in Engineering Pathways.

The college also offers a school based subject: Trade Skills. This covers a range of trade areas including Construction, Metal and Wood.

Community Connections

Along with catering for our College students, the Sister Dolores Carroll Trade Training Centre is open to the wider community. A rural women's art group were the first outside community group to utilise the centre and a men's group currently use the centre once a week at night.