Uniform Shop

​The Uniform Shop, located at the College, is open on Wednesday morning from 8am to 11am and Thursday afternoon from 1pm to 4pm.

Uniform Shop Price List

We now have the facility that you can order your uniforms through a Qkr App. Please visit Qkr for more information.

Second Hand Uniforms

Second Hand Uniforms 



  1. Students must wear the full and correct uniform.
  2. All uniform items (except shoes) must be purchased through the uniform shop.
  3. All shoes (including sports shoes) must be completely black, full leather upper, 
    lace-up, below the ankle, school style shoes. However, Prep to Year 5 also have velcro instead of laces.
  4. The Year 12 Jersey may be worn any day but not with the formal uniform.
  5. Students may wear the sport uniform on any day except when it is otherwise declared by the College that the formal uniform must be worn (usually Tuesday).
  6. Senior students (and particularly School Leaders) are encouraged to wear the formal uniform more regularly.

Formal Uniform

  • All Prep to Year 12 students are required to own and wear a formal uniform.
  • Year 6 to Year 12 students must wear their formal uniform each Tuesday.
  • The College will declare other special days when the formal uniform must be worn (e.g. excursions, visits, presentations, and formal occasions.)
  • The Year 12 Jersey is not permitted to be worn with the College Formal uniform.


The following applies to all students:

  • Hair is to be kept neat, clean, tidy and cut no shorter than 10mm.
  • Unsecured hair length to be no longer than the collar and must be above the eyebrows.
  • Hair longer than collar length or below the eyebrow is to be secured.
  • Hair ties are maroon, bottle green, black or white.
  • Head bands are maroon, bottle green, black or white.
  • Hair dye can only be used if it is a single natural colour throughout the hair or natural coloured highlights.
  • Facial hair and "Rats Tails" are not permitted.

Make Up

The following applies to all students:

  • Make-up of any form (including eyeliner and eye shadow) is not permitted.
  • Coloured nail polish is not permitted.
  • Lip balm is to be of skin colour only.


The following are acceptable for all students:

  • One ring (max. width of 3mm, with no raised stone or attachment)
  • One small plain stud may be worn in each lower ear lobe (max. 3mm diameter, no stone permitted) OR
  • One sleeper per ear may be worn in each lower ear lobe (max, 1mm ring thickness and 15mm outside diameter).

No other form of piercing is acceptable

  • A simple religious pendant on a neck chain worn under the uniform, to be removed for sports, Science Lab classes, Technical classes, or when physical contact is likely.
  • A wrist watch.
  • Designated College badges.
  • Medical bracelets identifying conditions such as diabetes.

All other jewellery will be confiscated and kept securely in the office. It is the responsibility of the student to collect confiscated items at the close of day.