Mission and Vision


Saint Mary's Catholic College is a P-12 co-educational learning community inspiring students to realise their dignity.


Through a faith-centred, excellent education, we provide every student the opportunities to grow spiritually, academically, culturally and physically. Our core values ensure every student, every day, has the opportunity to be their best.

Core Values 

​​Our Core Values ensure every student has the skills and experiences to fulfil​ their individual excellence, to be their best.


As a Catholic School we aspire to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ empowering to shape and enrich the to which we belong and serve.


We value the dignity of every person which is realised in the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of human life. Through education we endeavour to ensure all reach the potential, spiritually, academically and socially.


We value Catholic Education as a transforming opportunity available to all. This opportunity is based in the belief that all are made in the image of God and all have rights and responsibilities.

Benedictine Touchstone

We value the wisdom and example of Saint Benedict, who knew the importance of education, work and community. His model of community living based on the Gospel, underwrites our Five College Precepts, the 5 B's.

Be Safe

Be Just

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Your Best

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