Mary MacKillop Education Fund Bursary

​Current Mary MacKillop bursary recipients include families with major ill health, disability, trauma, extreme poverty or family breakdown.

Families who apply for a Mary MacKillop Fund Bursary come from all walks in life, with different experiences of extreme hardship, trauma and financial devastation. What they share in common is a deep desire for their child to receive a Catholic education. This is an important aspect of the MacKillop Fund - that we provide students with a supportive and caring Catholic community. A 'family' that encourages them to reach their potential.

​What is covered by a Mary MacKillop Fund Bursary?

The Mary MacKillop Fund commits to funding a child through the completion of the stage of school that they are enrolled in. For example, a primary school child will be funded through to the end of Year 6 as long as the family is in need of assistance. A secondary school bursary will be funded through to the end of Year 12 as long as the family is in need of assistance.

The bursary covers tuition, fees and camps for each year of primary school or each year of secondary school (immersion trips to foreign countries are excluded). The school provides all stationery, texts and resource materials, including a laptop if required and one full set of uniforms, excluding hat and shoes. The parents provide a weekly financial contribution in an agreement negotiated with the school.

This Bursary is available to new students only and must be applied for via the Catholic Foundation Archdiocese of Brisbane in the year before enrolment commences. Applications normal close in April each year. ​Please visit Catholic Foundation Archdiocese of Brisbane for further information and expression of interest form.​