School Fees

​Saint Mary’s Catholic College is committed to providing quality, inclusive education to families in the South Burnett region at a reasonable cost.   School Fees are comprised of Tuition Fees and Levies as detailed in the 2024 Fee Schedule.

Tuition Fees, Capital Levies, P&F Levies, Text Book Hire, ICT costs, Camps and Excursions and other compulsory events are generally included in the College Fees and Levies. Please read the Fee Structure for full details. 

Fee Policy

​Enrolment Confirmation Fee

Families are required to pay a non-refundable Enrolment Confirmation Fee of $100 per student or $150 per family upon acceptance of a place offered at the College.  There is no charge to make an enrolment application to the College.

Payment of Fees 

Fee Statements are issued to families at the beginning of each school term (4 per year) and are payable within 14 days.  While the College will accept payment by instalments, we do need to know the amount and timing of the payments and all fees must be paid in full by the end of the school year. The preferred payment method for instalment payments is BPay or Direct Debit. Other payment methods are shown on Fee Statements.

Please contact the College Finance Secretary if you need assistance calculating your family’s fees.

For further information regarding Direct Debit Payment Arrangements please see the following document Direct Debit Payment Arrangements



Early Payment - An early payment discount of 5% on tuition fees will be applied to the account if the full year’s fees are paid in advance at the commencement of the year. The payment must be received by the 31st January.

Sibling discounts of between 35% and 100% apply to Tuition Fees only for families with more than one child at the College. Families who have students at another Catholic school in the South Burnett will also receive a discount under the Sibling Discount Scheme. Please note, the discount only applies to Tuition Fees. It does not apply to the Capital, P&F or other Levies. 

Fee Concession

No family should endure unreasonable financial hardship because of school fees. A reduction in fees can be looked at in terms of: Financial needs of the family, Responsibility to full fee paying parents, Efforts made in paying the fees.

Fee Concessions are only applied to Tuition Fees. If you believe you may be eligible for a concession on School fees, please complete the Fee Concession Application and return it to the Business Manager.