College Board

​​The Saint Mary’s Catholic College Board assists the Principal, Parish Priest, parents and staff to work together in providing Catholic education within the mission of the Church. The College Board develops processes of consultation within the College community in formulating policy.
It is not an authority above the principal, staff or the P&F and is not a complaints body. Board members do, however, “keep their ear to the ground”.

Responsibilities of the College Board

  • To assist the Principal in developing policies in consultation with the College community.  These policies evolve from values contained in the Vision and Mission Statement and are reviewed periodically.
  • To support the College Principal by providing consultation on the College’s budget, building and planning. 

Who is in the Board? 

The College Board consists of invited members rather than representatives. Members bring their perspective, wisdom and experience (as a parent, teacher, pastor) but don’t lobby or advocate for a particular group.

As well as the Principal, parents, staff and community members, the Parish Priest is a vital member of the College Board. The Parish Priest relates with the College Board in three clear roles: spiritual leader, pastoral leader and board member.


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