The Resilience Project

​Saint Mary’s Catholic College, in partnership with The Resilience Project, are committed to creating a culture of wellbeing through gratitude, empathy and mindfulness, for our students, staff, parents and carers. We welcome you to join us on our GEM journey. 



Our why

This year, in Australia, 1 in 7 primary school students and 1 in 4 adolescents will struggle with their mental health. Many of those children, will not seek help. Taking part in The Resilience Project is about changing the conversation around mental health, making sure our students feel supported and teaching positive mental health strategies to help our young people feel happier and more able to face adversity. 

The Resilience Project supports more than just students

Through inspiring presentations, teaching resources, take-home activities and digital content, our college aims to support mental health in the classroom, staff room and at home.  

Whether you are a student, parent, carer, or community member, searching for balance or a way to develop healthier habits, TRP@HOME can get you on the right track: 

​For more information about The Resilience Project

Visit or contact our Guidance Counsellor, Ms Roos